It all started when…

at 10 years I won my first Brownie Kodak camera in an art contest.  Fast forward many years to 1982 when I was initiated into Scuba diving.   Underwater photography opened up a completely new world.  Photography took me to remote areas of the world like Vanuatu, the Solomon Islands, Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, the Red Sea, the Maldives, the Similan Islands, Belize, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, Turks & Caicos and the Cayman Islands, to name a few.  Capturing the ineffable wonder and beauty of nature and wildlife while telling a story through the lens is essential.  I feel very fortunate to have traveled all over the world and experienced some of the most breathtaking locations and opportunities to photograph amazing wildlife.  Wildlife photography is both a hobby and a passion.

Artist Statement

Creating functional and beautiful objects inspires me. Whether it is telling stories through photography, putting a paintbrush to silk, or molding clay into a functional yet beautiful object, is what encourages me to create work that evokes an aesthetic response in the observer.  The possibilities of creating and learning something new every time I work with each medium are endless.